Time is Running out – Become a Contestant in the Ms. Colorado Senior America Pageant

 07/02/2021 | 02:53 PM 

Time to come out and SPARKLE!!!  If you are 60 years of age or older and you feel you need a new lease on life or a new commitment, and want to be a part of something wonderful, become a contestant in the  Ms. Colorado Senior America Pageant to be held October 23, 2021, at the Parker PACE Theater.

This yearly pageant is held to celebrate the fact that women’s beauty, talent, and charisma do not diminish with physical age and, instead, that women have reached the “Age of Elegance.”  This is NOT a “beauty” contest, but rather an event to showcase women who are vibrant, poised, talented, and personable well into their mature years.  During the pageant, contestants will be scored by a panel of judges using the criteria of a private interview, an evening gown competition displaying poise and elegance, a statement that conveys the contestant’s “philosophy of life,” and a talent presentation demonstrating a woman’s giftedness and accomplishments.   Don’t feel you have a talent – call and we can help you.  We have 6 weeks of practice so you will be AMAZING!  And hey- we DON’T have a swimsuit contest …so no reason why you should delay!!

Contestants are now being sought to compete for the title and crown for 2022.  If you feel you exemplify the inner beauty and dignity of a Ms. Colorado Senior America, contact Colorado State Pageant Administrator, Rene’ Green at 720-384-6249 (renemcsap@gmail.com) or visit the club’s website at www.colosramerica.com for information and all application materials.  Space is limited, so don’t delay and sign up soon.     Give yourself an experience you will never forget!!!

Call and complete your application now and make this a year to remember!

Article by René Green, State Pageant Administrator, MCSAP, Inc., renemcsap@gmail.com

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