Thornton Active Adult Center – Aug. 2022

Thursday, Aug 25, from 1:30-3:30 p.m. Active Adult Center.
Using acrylic paint like water colors, we’ll create a lakeside landscape
using the colors of your choice. Easy beginner painter class with great
results. Wear old clothes.

VEGAN INDIAN COOKING CLASS | Ages 18+ #236827-A Fees: $36R/$38NR
Wednesday, Aug 24, from 6-8 p.m. Active Adult Center.
Let’s create a beautiful Vegan meal and enjoy it after class. Menu includes
Spinach Pakora: fritters made with spinach and chickpea flour; Chapati:
flat bread made with whole wheat flour; Chana Masala: garbanzo beans
simmered in a mild spicy curry; Rava Kesari: cream of wheat pudding
garnished with nuts.

HEARTY SOUPS | Ages 18+ #236819-A Fees: 32R/$34NR
Wednesday, Aug 31, 6-8 p.m. Active Adult Center.
As we near the fall season in this class, we will learn how to make
flavorful soups from scratch that are healthy and delicious. Join us to
learn a few basic knife skills while chopping vegetables and how to make
your own stock from scratch.

Thursday, Aug 11, 10:30-11:30ap.m. Active Adult Wing at Trail Winds Active Adult Center.
Rocky Mountain Cancer Center of Thornton will talk about healthy, lifestyle
interventions to reduce risk of cancer development. So much to learn
about cancer risk reduction.

Tuesday, Aug 9th, 10:30-11:30 a.m. Active Adult Center
If you are over the age of 62, and own a home, find out
all of the many variations and options within the reverse

Thornton Active Adult Center
11181 Colorado Blvd.
Thornton, CO 80233
Phone #:303-255-7850


  1. Hi, I am interested in doing this painting class, but I am also in need of a gym membership/community rec center due to a permanent disability that I’ve been struggling with for over 16 years, and Long Haul Covid, due to the pandemic. I have become stagnant, immobile, loss of my previous activities, hobbies, and my body’s inability to withstand mobility, longevity, or much of anything without extreme pain, stress, anxiety, loss of breath, chest and lung pain. After dealing with my breathing and Covid issues for almost a year, I have been having numerous issues with my life, finances, medical help, any and everything really, since contracted in October 2021. I reached out to my county of Adams, city of Northglenn, and I am not being given straight direct answers to where the money was sent from the government to help out people such as myself in time of need! I have been seeing a Cardiologist, and was Finally able to get referred to go see National Jewish Hospital-Long Haul Covid Clinic (one of the best, most highly sought to get in with; emphasizing on people with Long Covid symptoms and problems only) on August 26th! I’m very grateful and excited for my first apt so I can look forward to getting back to where I was, prior to getting Covid in October. My question is in regards to my physical and cardiovascular situation due to my previous illness compiled by a pandemic induced infection, when I was Double Vaxxed!! I don’t have a current employer, used my savings, credit cards, and means of financial gains to survive for the past two years. Long story short, the school district I was employed for the previous 14+ years, lost ownership and title to it, and I lost my teaching position as a result. I need a membership to try and get my physical, medical, emotional, and mental health issues addressed to help me with a better quality of life, and to be able to be involved with my 6 children.. As I am a single mother to my 6 children, and I feel bad that I am no longer able to do anything with them, go to the park, Anything, without having extreme pain, anxiety, severe exhaustion, coughing, and embarrassment to us both. I need some compassion and assistance in obtaining a membership for me. I have Medicare as my primary insurance and Medicaid as my secondary insurance. May you please investigate into my ability to obtain a membership in scholarship, need based, pandemic results, or my Medicare coverage please? I appreciate your help and time, thank you.. Jill Gonzalez 720-435-4789

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