The Three Seeds of Greatness

 08/30/2015 | 12:40 PM 

~ By Carol Giambri ~

It’s a new season or to some a new month. Today we are talking about your “seeds of greatness.” You may be thinking you don’t have anything to give or offer to others. But, here are three things you may be able to relate to. If not, there is always your new “time” to start up now.

The three “seeds of greatness” are:

  1. You are better than you have been told or believe. There will always be someone who may not edify you, but here’s one way you can see your own greatness. Plant a seed in a garden. Watch it grow and see how great you are by caring for it. It’s the joy no one can replace and is a loving feeling you get inside. It can be an indoor plant even an uplifting herb such as peppermint.
  2. Giving. The joy of giving doesn’t have to be to a neighbor. It can happen in your grocery store or even at the gym. It can be a kind word. It can be a smile. Here’s my example and not a brag. Tomorrow I will exercise and bring three homemade salads to staff at the gym. They are always nice and kind to me. I know I am not the only member but the make me feel as if I am. The salad will be from my garden. Of course it is fresher than any store bought one. Plus, I know the ingredients of the salad and where it came from. My hand picking I love to do.
  3. Laugh with others or alone. Sometimes you may feel frustrated and feel there is no reason to laugh. It may take a forced laugh in front of the mirror or going to a laughing yoga class. You don’t need to need to know yoga to attend, but come with a face and you will be laughing with others. People will see your greatness there, but most of all you will see that “laughter is great medicine.” Laughter makes is uplifting and contagious. HA, ha!

Carol Gianbri cucumbersI shared only 3 seeds of greatness that you can see in yourself sooner or later. Give yourself a pickup and believe here is more than three seeds of greatness that you have.

Please see my garden seeds of greatness picture. It’s my homegrown cucumber started from a seed in my Earthbox. It can be grown also in the ground. It’s a seed of greatness I have learned and share with others.

‘Till we chat again, work towards being he happiest you, and daily count your blessings even if you have to fake it till you make it.

Carol Giambri

Carol Giambri

Carol Giambri, is a writer, author and loves playing with words for tagline, photos, books and seeing marketing signs and putting a twist to the message. She is an encourager, gifted chef embracing raw, plant based vegan foods, a dog lover, plant and worm mother to several. She experiences day by joy out of choice. She is best reached at with the subject: Prime

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