The Passing of Stuart Shwartz

 08/31/2020 | 03:49 PM 

The Denver Senior Coalitions are sad to share the passing of Stuart Shwartz on August 15, 2020. Stuart was the President of the Denver Senior Coalitions and the President of the East Chapter of the organization and the owner of a respected senior housing placement agency. He was a pillar in the senior care community, and with his passing we have lost a strong advocate and supporter of older adults. The members of the Denver Senior Coalitions share the loss of Stuart with his family, friends, and the greater Denver senior professional network. Stuart will be missed.

The Denver Senior Coalitions will be honoring and celebrating his life at our 2020 Joint Coalition Assistance Fund celebration in December. At this virtual event, we award select non-profit coalition members funds from the membership dues we collect. Visit the Denver Senior Coalition website to learn more about the organization and link to Stuart’s obituary from our Press Room –

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