The MAC For Active Adult Lifestyles – Oct. 2013

~ Discover Mediterranean Cooking ~
Research has shown that those that eat a Mediterranean diet are healthier. Learn about the foods and cooking techniques of this delicious diet. Samples & recipes are provided. Fees are $13/resident; $15/non-resident.
#342966A Wed Oct 9 6-7:30pm

Cooking with Ocean Vegetables
Sea vegetables like kelp, kombu, and nori have long been valued for their health-giving, mineral rich properties. They maintain the proper acid alkaline balance in the body, strengthen the nervous and immune systems, and support the thyroid. Discover easy ways to incorporate ocean veggies into your diet and try some delicious samples. Fees are $13/resident; $15/non-resident.
#342967A Thursday Oct 10 6-7:30pm

Holiday Safety Tips
The holiday shopping season will be upon us before we know it! Join Detective Jessica Beren, Westminster Police Department, for an informal presentation on personal safety and making safe purchases during the holiday season. Gain tips on avoiding identity theft, and theft of bank/credit card numbers while making online or in store purchases. There is no fee to attend.
#342968A Tuesday Oct 15 9-10am

Stories Under the Stones
Enjoy the entertaining Max Donaldson as he shares ÒStories Under the Stones,Ó an insightful account of historical trivia about the famous and infamous. Max began his studies in 2001 after discovering an engraving error on jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker’s tombstone. Now Max’s extensive private collection of tombstone rubbings and historical insights provide Òtruths and liesÓ about many memorable American celebrities. Light refreshments are served. Fees are $6/resident; $8//non-resident.
#342900B Thursday Oct 17 1-2:15pm

Take the Mystery out of Macronutrients
Carbohydrates, protein, and fats are important to our bodies, but what exactly do they do? Learn the answer to this question as well as how much to eat for different body types and health conditions, and which foods are best to choose to meet requirements. Fees are $11/resident; $13/non-resident.
#342969A Friday Oct 18 10:45-11:45am

Don’t Feel SAD this Winter
Light has tremendous effects on one’s mood and behavior. Do you find that the shorter, darker, colder days of winter make you feel depressed, irritable, anxious, socially withdrawn, or less interested in work and play? If so you may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Learn more about the causes of this problem as well as diet, exercise and other therapies to help you experience a happier winter season. Fees are $11/resident; $13/non-resident.
#342970A Wednesday Oct 23 6-7pm

Shingles Prevention & Treatment
The shingles virus strikes about 1 million Americans a year. Anyone who has ever had chickenpox is at risk for shingles. Experts from CDC agree that most people 60 and older should get the shingles vaccine. An outbreak can last for three or four weeks, and if I’s not treated with antiviral medication, it can cause severe pain that lingers for a year or more. Join a Safeway Pharmacy representative for an informative lecture on how to prevent and treat shingles. Fee is $1
#342971A Monday Oct 28 10-11am

The MAC is jointly owned and operated by the City of Westminster and the Hyland Hills Parks and Recreation District.
The MAC Welcomes All Adults
The MAC welcomes adults age 21 and better to participate in classes, fitness/wellness activities, educational programs, seminars and special events. The MAC trip program provides transportation to theatre/music performances, sporting events, hiking locations, area restaurants, and a multitude of local attractions. Don’t miss out on the award-winning opportunities specifically geared for adults age 21 and better at The MAC!
3295 W. 72nd Ave.
Westminster, CO


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