The MAC For Active Adult Lifestyles – May 2014

Healthy Hiking
Hiking can be a wonderful activity, but it can also be miserable if you are not well prepared. Learn a variety of exercises to get in shape for hiking, tips for preventing aches and pains, strategies for staying well hydrated, and good trail snack options to fuel your body. Fees are $9/resident; $11/non-resident. #432960A Wed May 7 6-7pm
*The MAC offers a full schedule of hiking trips for Novice and Seasoned Hikers running May- August. Contact them at 303-426-4310 for more details.

Furoshiki is the ancient Japanese art of using beautiful fabric to wrap gifts and carry items regardless of size or shape. In this hands-on class, practice wrapping and bundling items of various sizes. Bring scarves, bandana’s, or any square hemmed small or large fabric for practice. Instructor can provide fabric squares for practice, also available for purchase. Leave knowing how to use this recyclable art to make an instant backpack or present your next gift in a stylish, elegant, and eco-friendly way. Fees are $9/resident; $11/non-resident.
#432961A Thursday May 8 6-7:30pm

Let’s Talk Baseball
Calling all baseball fans! Join Chuck Javernick, former Colorado Rockies Director of Ticket Services and Spring Training Business Operations for an informal discussion on all things related to baseballÉplayers, teams, leagues, statistics, history etc. Chuck will help you stay current on player statistics, league standings, rosters, and the Minor Leagues. This group will meet monthly, the second Friday of each month. Pre-registration is required. Fee is $1.
#432974A Friday May 9 10-11am

Introduction to Computers
This very basic 4 session introductory class covers: beginning mouse skills, using the keyboard, scroll bars, simple windows, and other fundamental topics. Upon completion of this class, participants will be prepared to transition into Basic Computer Skills series. These classes are not appropriate for those with tablets or Apple (MAC) computers. Fees are $75/resident; $82/non-resident.
#432950G Mon/Wed May 12-21 6-7:30pm

Diet and Exercise for Parkinson’s Disease
While there is no cure for Parkinson’s, there are many things that can be done with exercise and diet to lessen the symptoms. Learn about specific nutrients, eating strategies and exercises that are best for those with Parkinson’s. Fees are $9/resident; $11/non-resident.
#432962A Mon May 19 1-2PM

Explore Massage Therapy
Learn about the basics, benefits, and types of certified Massage Therapy. Discover how massage compliments and differs from other modalities of Òbody workÓ. Seminar is given by Michele Hanson-Pahan. She has over 25 years of experience in providing therapeutic massage. Fees are $3/resident; $4/non-resident.
#432975A Wed May 21 10-11am

The MAC is jointly owned and operated by the City of Westminster and the Hyland Hills Parks and Recreation District.
The MAC Welcomes All Adults
The MAC welcomes adults age 21 and better to participate in classes, fitness/wellness activities, educational programs, seminars and special events. The MAC trip program provides transportation to theatre/music performances, sporting events, hiking locations, area restaurants, and a multitude of local attractions. Don’t miss out on the award-winning opportunities specifically geared for adults age 21 and better at The MAC!
3295 W. 72nd Ave.
Westminster, CO

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