The MAC For Active Adult Lifestyles – Mar. 2014

 Bridge for the Very Beginner
This 6 week beginner class is designed for people who have never played Party Bridge and wish to learn how in a fun, informal setting. Find out what the appeal is to Party Bridge and you may discover a new lifelong card game. Fees are $20/resident; $24/non-resident.
#412972A Wednesday March 5-April 9 9-11am

Beginning Conversational French
This 8 week class is for those who have some knowledge of French and want to practice speaking without books, tests or homework. This lively class covers pronunciation, important verbs, cultural tidbits and lots of vocabulary. Bring a notebook for handouts. A $12 material fee is payable to the instructor and a French Dictionary purchased on your own is recommended. Be ready for a great opportunity to learn a second language in a fun, social and relaxing setting. Fees are $88/resident; $97/non-resident.
#412975A Thursday March 6-April 24 6-7:45pm

Burn your House Down!/How to De-clutter and Downsize
No matter what your age there are plenty of reasons to downsize. Learn the top 9 reasons to let go of your stuff; and discover how this can be a less painful and more enjoyable experience then you think! Get clear about your decision to let go, decide what to do with photos, and memorabilia, deal with emotions that arise; and gain tips for dispersing household contents. Fees are $12/resident; $14/non-resident.
#412976A Tuesday March 11 6-7:45pm

Avoid the Stress & Strain of Sitting
While sitting for extended periods of time, is not the best for our health, it is sometimes unavoidable. Learn how to sit in the most healthful manner possible, as well as some simple exercises and stretches you can do to minimize discomfort. Fees are $9/resident; $11/Non-resident.
#412978A Monday March 24 1-2pm

The MAC is jointly owned and operated by the City of Westminster and the Hyland Hills Parks and Recreation District.
The MAC Welcomes All Adults
The MAC welcomes adults age 21 and better to participate in classes, fitness/wellness activities, educational programs, seminars and special events. The MAC trip program provides transportation to theatre/music performances, sporting events, hiking locations, area restaurants, and a multitude of local attractions. Don’t miss out on the award-winning opportunities specifically geared for adults age 21 and better at The MAC!
3295 W. 72nd Ave.
Westminster, CO

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