The High Cost of Prescription Drugs

As I meet with Medicare age people, one of the main concerns is their Prescription Drug Coverage. There are concerns of high monthly premiums, meeting the deductible, expensive co-pays, Part D Penalty and the infamous “donut-hole”.

If you are struggling to understand or make sense of all of this, you are certainly not alone. There is a lot to understand in regards to Medicare drug coverage, Medicare Advantage Plans that include Part D and even a program called Extra Help that helps pay Medicare Drug costs. Extra Help is a Federal program that helps people with limited income and resources pay for their Part D premiums and drug costs. If you know someone, or if you yourself is struggling with the high costs of Medications, please call me or pass my number to them to see if they might qualify for this program.

If you are new to Medicare, or turning 65 in the next year or even a long-time member of Medicare and have questions about your prescription drug coverage, or any other Medicare questions, or if you just need clarification on some of the Medicare facts, details and dates, please feel free to call me at (720)530-0382.

Call Jackie Kenkeo, a local, licensed sales person, at (720)530-0382.

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