The Future of Balance Improvement and Aging Well

New stages of life come with new challenges. When it comes to having confidence in our everyday activities, our balance can play a large part. Balance is what keeps us steady, and allows us to move freely and independently. When our balance is off-center, this affects the way we move and we may start to feel less confident doing our everyday activities.

“My house has steep stairs and I need to use all levels of my house. I would always hold on tightly to the railing and use both of my feet on each step of the staircase because I was worried about falling,” says Olga C, Colorado resident. The fear of falling can be overwhelming, as many people have seen the results of a loved one’s fall, or maybe even experienced their own fall. The reality is that if you have experienced a fall in the past, you are at an increased risk of falling in the future. When talking with Olga, she shared that she had experienced two falls in the past, and this contributed to her fear of possibly falling again. The increased risk of falling occurs mainly because fear changes our behavior and makes us feel less able. When we’re not confident, we avoid activities that might feel dangerous, like walking down the stairs or on the gravel outside. The good news is that you can improve your balance, and most falls are preventable. Olga found this to be true when she began incorporating balance training into her daily routine and worked on her balance over time.

Olga began balance training when she came across Nymbl, a scientifically proven and easy-to-use balance app for older adults that combines fun brain games and simple body exercises, and can be done in the comfort of home. In only 10 minutes per day, the program helps older adults improve their balance by 30 percent and helps improve confidence and independence.
“After doing Nymbl regularly, I walk up the stairs one by one now and I don’t need to grip the railing as much as I used to. I’m not afraid to walk now and I feel more comfortable doing everyday activities.” This program has changed my life by improving my confidence and increasing my self-awareness in my surroundings,” says Olga.

The Nymbl Training app is free to Coloradans ages 60 and up, fully covered by the State of Colorado and Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG). You can get Nymbl by downloading the Nymbl Training app on your smartphone or tablet or visiting to sign up.

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