The Christmas star of Boulder, Colorado

By Mary Anne Righi, M.Ed. SLP ~

When I arrived in Boulder, Colorado on October 16, 2012, I arrived on an RTD bus from the  Denver Amtrak station with the hopes of finding my own place to live and be near my three grown children, daughter-in-law and grandchild, and the family dogs.

I stayed with my eldest child for a time and later I was at the Foot of the Mountain motel at the base of Boulder Canyon off of Canyon Blvd. near Boulder Park.

When I would walk up Arapahoe Avenue or through Boulder Park, near Boulder Creek, I noted a beautiful star shining on the mountainside during the coming months of November and  December on my way to or from the beautifully decorated motel. I called it the Christmas star as it reminded me of the star that guided the shepherds and three wise men to the Christ child on the night he was born in Bethlehem.

I found out recently that the star is called the Flagstaff star and it has a history of its origin and purpose. I just knew then that it was a bright star that gave me hope and Peace that all was well in my life and the lives of my family and that all was turning out well.  I stayed in a nice clean little cabin which I rented for several weeks. I was fortunate that I  could do so. I would walk up Arapahoe to purchase food at Alfalfa’s Supermarket. I had an electric burner in the room of the cabin where I could heat water and a microwave to heat up frozen foods and leftovers. I was quite comfortable.

That winter was quite snowy and I enjoyed my walks up the street or through the park along the paths which were comfortable enough to walk even through the snow.  My sons came to visit when they could. My daughter lived and worked farther away and I  did not see her as often.

I had a wonderful Christmas cozy in the cabin and warm enough bundled up outside. I  watched Christmas specials inside on the cable tv, mostly nice Hallmark special movies and other Christmas specials. Every walk I took after dark, which it did get dark here in Northern  Colorado early on, was inspired by the beautiful Christmas star along the mountainside and I  imagined the Magi and the shepherds making their treks across the land to visit and bring gifts to the Christ child.

It was a magical mystical time for me in a new place far from the state where I had lived and I  felt warm and wonderful to be near my grown children as I had wanted to be and inspired by the beauty of a star which represented the faith in a God of Love and total Forgiveness and  Peace.

I hope to tell my story of my first few weeks in Boulder, Colorado my new home state to my grandchildren and all my family members and friends.

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