The Benefits in Gardening this Summer

Have you ever gardened in the past? Maybe when you were a child and your mom needed to give you something to do to keep you out from under her feet😊 Whatever the reason was, you may not have known the benefits you would get from growing your own flowers, vegetables, or herbs.

Gardens can be large, small, in flowerpots, raise flower gardens and tons or various ways to plant and harvest. Most of us know how beautiful it makes the yard look and how wonderful it makes our homes smell but let’s look at some of the other benefits of gardening…

Did you know?

  • The smell of soil actually increases serotonin levels?
  • Spending time outside can actually lower your blood pressure and burning calories to reducing anxiety and boosting vitamin D levels.
  • Light gardening and yardwork burn about 330 calories an hour, according to the CDC, falling right between walking and jogging. Joshua Margolis, personal trainer founder of Mind Over Matter Fitness, says, “raking and bagging leaves is particularly good because you also do a lot of bending, twisting, lifting, and carrying—all things that can build strength and engage a lot of muscle fibers.” 
  • It Reduces Anxiety and Depression.
  • It can increase your appetite.
  • Increases Sociability.
  • It’s a Natural Mood-Booster.
  • It can help you become more creative and give you and your loved ones a sense of purpose
  • It can help your memory by giving you a reason to stay on a schedule to tend to your plants and keep them healthy as you stay healthy yourself.
  • It can also help save you money on your grocery bill while making it more convent to just walk out the door to grab some lettuce for your salad or a fresh ripe tomato and cucumber for your afternoon snack.
  • Homegrown food not only tastes better but is actually better for you. It does not have the preservatives and colors that are added by the demand for quicker and larger produce.

These are just some of the benefits that come from doing your own planting and harvesting! At Gardens Care Senior Living, we understand, and love celebrating National Garden Month and hope you will join us this year with your own garden or help us with ours! Let’s all celebrate National Garden Month this April and enjoy the benefits but physically and emotionally.

Submitted by Deb Hickel
Gardens Care Senior Living

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