Teeth Tomorrow and the Prettau Bridge

Ongoing dental problems with failing teeth seem to never end. Treatments for gum disease, broken teeth and toothaches seem to be followed by yet more treatments and problems. Unsightly teeth and constant worry about bad breath is often coupled with low self-confidence. Dental disease affects our whole body health as well, causing more frequent illnesses and low energy. While dentures may be the first treatment you think of, missing a full arch of teeth can feel devastating for a patient and their smile. While removable dentures are most often used, they can be tedious to care for and are not always stable. Dentures also lack any significant chewing force and detract greatly from tasting foods.

Over the years, dental implants have been used in various ways to support teeth in patients that are missing many or all of their teeth. Overdentures that snap onto implants, but are still removable, others that are cemented onto the implants permanently, and more recently, precision screws that are used so that the teeth or bridgework can be easily removed for repairs. Treatment often took many months or even over a year to complete during which time ill-fitting temporary dentures needed to be worn or patients even had to go long periods without any teeth at all!

With further breakthroughs, fixed, non-removable teeth could be provided for patients on the same day that diseased teeth were extracted and the implants placed, (or ill-fitting dentures replaced). This predictable and safe protocol, not only provided implant supported teeth on the same day, (with very accurate planning), patients usually experienced minimal post-operative discomfort. At Lowry Advanced Dentistry, Dr. Thomas Bonbright has provided this service for over 10 years. Typically, the permanent bridge used is called a hybrid bridge because it is a hybrid of a durable, milled metal framework with far less durable denture materials, (pink acrylic and plastic denture teeth), bonded to the metal. Breakage is a significant problem and frequent occurrence with the hybrid bridges, and although the teeth can be retrieved and repaired, breakage often occurs at inopportune times and a gapped tooth appearance is embarrassing!

For this reason, Dr. Bonbright at Lowry Advanced Dentistry has joined Teeth Tomorrow. Teeth Tomorrow uses Prettau Zirconiaª, there is no full arch replacement available that offers the more durability, comfort and esthetics. A recent study in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, a very highly respected and peer reviewed publication, revealed a less than ? of 1% failure rate in 2039 Prettau bridges over 5 years. This compares to almost 25% material failures in hybrids. Furthermore, another study from 2012-2017 by Dr. Michael Tischler, founder of Teeth Tomorrow, with 153 patients and 219 arches, (upper and/or lower), revealed no failure of the Prettau material or any of the implants! Drs Bonbright and Tischler agree that this success is due to “over engineering”, that is, using Prettau Zirconia™ and 5 or 6 implants instead of just 4. Teeth Tomorrow is a network of highly credentialed practices delivering Prettau Zirconia™ bridges in exclusive territories throughout the country.


You’ve been thinking about this for a while, and while you’re tired of living with the suffering, inconvenience and embarrassment that comes from your missing or failing teeth, you need to know you are making the right choice. That’s why we’ve put together a list of questions you can feel comfortable asking any dental practice when comparing options. You deserve honest answers to these questions and when you compare “apples to apples”, you’ll better understand the value of the permanent solution that is Teeth Tomorrow™

How many appointments are required? After your initial free consultation and CT scan, there are as few as six appointments in the Teeth Tomorrow™ protocol.

How many different offices will I have to visit? All of your appointments are in the same dental office.

How often do patients need bone grafting to support dental implants? The Teeth Tomorrow¨ process eliminates the need for bone grafting in most patients, however, if required, there is no additional fee.

How many dental implants will support my full arch bridge? Near 100% success has been demonstrated when using 6 implants for the upper arch and 5 implants for lower arch bridges. While this protocol has proven to be optimal for the full arch Prettau Zirconiaª bridge, fewer or more implants may be indicated for some patients.

How long will I be without teeth? Overnight. With Teeth Tomorrow¨ your extractions are performed, and implants are placed, (patients with ill-fitting dentures simply have implants placed), on the first day and you get a chance to heal overnight. The following day, your customized, lab-produced temporary bridge is attached to your implants, and you leave with a beautiful smile! This unique next day protocol has proven clinical advantages for successful treatment.

Are there hidden costs or fees? Regardless of the complexity of the case, there are none. The fee also covers the cost of a board certified anesthesiologist or nurse anesthesiologist. Any maintenance and adjustment appointments are covered for the first two years as well.

The Teeth Tomorrow protocol and the Prettau bridge provide beautiful, durable teeth that feel natural and last a lifetime. If you or anyone you know desires in health and wellness, call us today at Lowry Advanced Dentistry, 303-333-5148 and visit us at www.teethtomorrowdenver.com or www.denverdental.com.

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