Technology Fair April 15, 2016

  • Do you ever feel left behind in the rapidly changing world of technology?
  • Do you wonder what to do with the tablet you got for Christmas?
  • Do you wish you could chat with your family on a computer like your friends do?
  • Do you dream about sharing photos with your family and friends?

If so, come to a FREE technology fair at St. Andrew United Methodist Church, 9203 S. University, Highlands Ranch (303-794-2683) on Friday April 15th from 10am – 2pm. There will be something for everyone from beginners to those who wish to learn more, from resource handouts to people you can contact for help.

Beginners, think of it this way: if you have learned to use a microwave you can learn to use a cell phone (sometimes called a flip phone). If you can identify what the golden arches mean, you can learn the symbols on a Smartphone, computer or tablet. We know that learning something new is one way to stay healthy and young, and technology is great for that. It will bring you many opportunities to stay connected to your children, grandchildren and friends, and provide you with some of the tools you may need to live at home as long as possible. For instance, ask the Smartphone what time it is and it answers, tell it to call your grandson and it does! It can give you directions out loud as you drive so you do not need a map. It can play music or a video.

Here’s a good way to start: identify ONE way you want to use ONE piece of technology. Learn it and use it at your own pace. Trying to focus on too much too fast can be frustrating. Then, when you have mastered that first step, identify another way you’d like to use it and learn that. Learn what YOU want to! Soon you might be ordering groceries, emailing your doctor, seeing your children and grandchildren on a screen as you talk – whatever is good for you.

If/when you’re ready for a new challenge, you might try a Smartphone (iphone or android). Same with a computer or tablet – you don’t have to know how to use everything for your life to become easier. More advanced users can find out about apps, streaming movies, downloading books or your hometown newspaper, social media and much, much more.

Come to the Tech Fair to get personal help, attend breakout sessions, and find resources. For fun, the Arapahoe County library will also bring drones, robots and 3D printers. Plus a light lunch is included!

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