Take a deeper dive into dual-tasking and its impact on keeping us healthier and more mobile, for longer

Hi, I’m Dr. Nathan Estrada—Nymbl’s resident physical therapist and fall prevention
expert. Your health and wellness matter to us at PrimeTime and at Nymbl. As the
second fastest aging state in the country, Colorado has become the focus of many new
aging well solutions.

One incredibly relevant topic is balance. This is part 1 of a 2-part series, discussing
balance and how it can be improved. To that end, we’re highlighting a topic that can
improve your balance and overall mobility: dual-tasking.

What is dual-tasking?
A common misconception about balance is that it relies mostly on your body’s strength.
The real truth is, balance is just as much of a challenge for your brain as it is your body,
and strength only plays a small part. Balance is a reflex, and you can improve this reflex
through both body and brain exercises, which leads us to the dual-tasking method.
Dual-tasking is when you combine body and brain exercises at the same time, which
helps improve your balance reflex. By challenging you to think and move at the same
time, this method helps better prepare you for the world and its many uncertainties and

What’s an example of dual-tasking in everyday life?
One real-life example of dual-tasking is being asked a question while
walking—sometimes we will stop walking in order to think and answer the question.
This is because the senses that make up our balance do not improve with age. The
good news is that practicing dual-tasking can improve balance over time.
A new, free health app using dual-tasking for Colorado’s older adults
Nymbl is an app-based health program that utilizes dual-tasking to improve balance and
mobility. In fact, it’s scientifically proven to do just that – in just 10 minutes per day!
Nymbl combines fun brain games and physical movements to create a natural
distracted state – and improve your balance!

To learn more about dual-tasking, balance, and how you can do it every day for free, visit
co.fallsfree.com or download the free Nymbl Training app.

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