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The population throughout Colorado and especially in Denver is growing the fastest in the country and this is putting the housing market in crisis. Too many young professionals and families looking to settle down and not enough housing inventory for them. This, in turn, puts prices through the roof (no pun intended!) especially for individuals seeking affordable housing.

Denver is also experiencing a rise in Senior population, especially with those who wish to age in place. Although programs are popping up to help Seniors stay in their home, it can take a few days to help a Senior who needs immediate attention. Frustrated with a lack of solutions available, Alison Joucouvsky founded the non-profit, Sunshine Home Share Colorado: “Home sharing helps seniors to remain at home and age in their community while providing affordable housing to someone needing a place to live.”

While developing and running a nationally recognized aging-in-place program for Jewish Family Services of Colorado, Alison became frustrated with trying to help with everyday chores. Home sharing is one solution at a time when it seems to be very few.

“We are not “placing, matching, or brokering’, but instead helping senior home providers find someone they would like to live with. The ultimate decision about who lives together is between the home provider and home seeker. ” Alison J.

Sunshine Home Share is based on a social service model which relies on research, best practices and multiple safety checks. A social service intake is implemented by staff before the process of matching for compatibility and living style begins. Then, before move-in, Sunshine staff help create an agreement of services exchanged for affordable rent. The last step is the brokering of a living agreement contract. The result is quality, long-lasting matches. “Our goal is to make safe and thoughtful matches using a thorough vetting process,” Joucovsky says.

Sunshine Home Share is actively seeking Home Providers and Home Seekers and have begun the matching process. There are already several lovely seniors that are excited to share their homes. It is important to note that they are working their way through the program process and making a match takes time. Sunshine Share is not a quick crisis or emergency housing program.

“We are new and just learning. Everyone participating is part of the learning process, but based on best practices and with geriatric social work staff, we are all working together to create a model that works for Colorado.” Alison J.

In a time of crisis, Alison has found a way to help our community succeed together. If you know any candidates that would be a great fit for this program, contact the Sunshine Home Share. Whether you are a college student looking for affordable housing, a new professional from out of town, or a Senior who wants to stay in their home, but doesn’t mind a roommate to help out financially or with everyday chores, this program can help!

Put Together by Jessica Edgar
Loads of Information from Owner Alison Joucouvsky and credit to the article:”Senior Home Share Program: Fair Rent for Friendship, Chores” by Peggy Hermann in the Washington Park Paper

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