Staying Healthy and Active through Storytelling

 04/25/2021 | 03:34 PM 

Storytelling is a way to do something fun, interesting, and worthwhile to keep seniors engaged and active.  The World Health Organization defines Healthy Aging as “the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing in older age”.

Spellbinders® through its multiple affiliate organizations like the Broomfield Spellbinders® Storytellers is actively keeping seniors engaged in their community by bringing the art of oral storytelling to elementary students, and senior centers throughout Colorado and beyond.

Recently a survey of 72 Spellbinders® storytellers over four affiliate storytelling groups was conducted to assess the impact that storytelling has on the lives of the seniors. Of the 79 respondents nearly 50% were over 70 years of age. The remainder were in their 50’s and 60’s. Overwhelmingly the respondents reported that storytelling has had a positive effect on their social life, their memory and mental health, their physical activity level and health, and has improved their positivity and their relationships.  That is a lot of good from telling a few stories.

In the 2019-20 school year Broomfield storytellers were actively telling in over 200 classrooms monthly.  COVID has impacted this storytelling and tellers have had to learn Virtual Telling techniques using Google Meets, Zoom, UTube and other means. Many Broomfield storytellers took training in Virtual Telling offered by Spellbinders®  and have been able to tell virtually in 34 classrooms over this past year. Staying active, staying healthy, and staying involved in their communities while demonstrating the Healthy Aging approach.

Spellbinders® storytellers in Broomfield and other locations throughout Colorado are anxiously awaiting the go-ahead to get back into the schools safely.  New tellers will be needed to meet the needs of Colorado classrooms and training classes will be starting up late summer to get tellers ready.

Teachers tell us they value Spellbinders® storytellers and want them back.

“Yes-it helps with our listening skills and provides us with info about various cultures” . 5th Grade Teacher from Aspen Creek

“Yes! It really helps with building a love of literature, while reinforcing listening comprehension, vocab, and story structure!” 1st Grade Teacher from Prospect Ridge

“Absolutely!! The stories are a great addition to our literacy content and help their comprehension skills” . 4th Grade Teacher from Meridian Elementary 

“We absolutely love having the Spellbinders come tell stories to our kids. It really helps the kids with their literacy standards.” Kindergarten Teacher from Mountain View

For information regarding Spellbinders® and new storyteller training classes, go to or email    Don’t miss out on the experiences these Broomfield tellers report:

“My family loves me being a storyteller. My grandkids often ask me to tell a tale. My kids are proud of me for storytelling. My wife is extremely supportive and encouraging.”

“Spellbinders is such a positive and supportive group of people. I appreciate the friendships that are building. I look forward to being able to share the skills I am learning with the children when we can get back in the classroom.”

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