Spring is in the Air – Let’s March to a New Beat

~ By Carol Giambri ~

Spring is in the air and St. Patricks Day is coming.  St. Patrick’s Day party people will be drinking, clogging, River Dancing and some will be excited to start their garden.  Daffodils and tulips should be showing their faces soon.  The Parade will be going on.  Bars will be packed. It’s time to celebrate this month.

For you, it can be a fresh start to doing something cleaner and healthier.

Here are suggestions and tricks to feeling better.  Let’s begin.

Green veggies:
When you think of “green” veggies are you thinking green lettuce? Green cabbage? Kale or dandelions?  These are all green. Have you tried eating any of them?  Let me share some ideas to get you excited about the “green” movement.  How about making a salad with some green lettuce and adding in other colorful vegetables?  For cabbage, maybe finely chopped for cabbage soup or slaw.  Or, for those meat lovers cornbeef and cabbage.  Kale lovers know there are many colors and varieties of.  Since we are talking green, get the green one.  Remove the stem, and compost it.  Steam the kale with other veggies or alone with coconut oil and a little water. You can also put the fresh raw kale in a food processor with garlic.  Dandelions are known as weeds, but they are edible. Don’t harvest them if your yard is sprayed.  Many grocery stores now sell it.  Mix it with some vinegar, oil and garlic.  Yum. I’m getting hungry writing this.

How about a green smoothie?  How about a green juice?  These are a few ways to add more “green” into your diet daily. Now the choice is yours.

Relax those eyes:
Refresh and relax those eyes with cooled down tea tags put on your lids.  Leave it there for about 5 minutes and then remove.  You choose the length of time, and enjoy the calming feeling to your eyes.

Refresh your Skin:
Organic coconut oil is solid unless it gets hot, turns to liquid and then becomes solid in a cool place again. It is usable still.  Put some on your body and let it “melt” right in.  Coconut oil can also go into a smoothie in case you were wondering about other uses besides your skin.  Great to replace your cooking oils with it too. Taste wonderful. Really taste good or bad is not a care to me as long as it does the body a great thing.

Start Moving More:
Walking is an inexpensive exercise with the right shoes. Your clothing doesn’t need to be fancy or in style.  Comfort and loose is the name of the game.  Get the body revved up to make room for more outdoor time.

Spring time is in the air.  March 20th is the first day.  But, don’t wait that long to start to march to a new beat. Start now.  Go for it!

The journey is yours.  Be healthy and happy throughout your days.

Disclosure: Carol Giambri, is a published author/copywriter, eats healthy, gardens, loves buying frugally, and exercises.  Got a dog?  Treat him well and healthy too.  She and her husband are dog lovers.  Most of her food budget is spent in the Produce Department. Carol believes you can live on a budget, be healthy and happy as best as you can each day of your life.  Always remember your pets as you are their caretaker. Carol can be best through email: cgiambri@yahoo.com

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