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Are you enrolled in a Plan F, C, or High Deductible F Medigap Policy in Colorado? 

There is a time-sensitive and incredibly important regulation for folks in Colorado who have a Medicare Supplement Plan F, Plan C, or High Deductible Plan F.

Sadly, few people know about this one-time opportunity to change and it ends June 30, 2021! Everyone (and I do mean everyone) who is eligible, should consider changing to a Plan G, Plan D, or Plan G High Deductible.

Colorado enacted a new regulation that allows you a ONE-TIME opportunity to change from Plan F to G, Plan C to D, or High Deductible Plan F to High Deductible G. 

Plan F had been the premier Medicare supplement for many years. In fact, there are over 120,000 members on these plans in Colorado that are impacted.

Plan G has the same exact same coverage except that you are responsible for the Part B deductible, which will be $203 for the entire 2021 year. Likewise, the difference between C and D or High Deductible Plan F to High Deductible G is the same Part B deductible.

The premiums now and ongoing are a crucial consideration that begs for your consideration. Not only is the Plan G premium often consistently low enough to make up for the $203 annual deductible but could surpass that significantly in some cases! 

*Rates are for illustrative purposes only.

As stated by Eileen Dougherty, Executive Director of the Colorado Gerontological Society, in My PrimeTime News – “It is important to note that regardless of which company you elect to do business, the benefits that are covered are exactly the same.  Plans that cost more do not offer additional benefits; similarly, plans that cost less do not offer fewer benefits.” And, “Medicare beneficiaries who want to stay with their current Medicare Plan C, F or F+ won’t have to pay the Medicare Part B deductible.  However, The Society is advising that beneficiaries consider changing as we expect the Plan C, F or F+ premiums will escalate as fewer and fewer older adults are enrolled in those plans.” 

You can help yourself and our fellow Coloradans!   

View my short 4 minute video at insure-integrity.com/linda  

NOW is the time to save, Medigap plans are not limited to the annual Medicare enrollment period. As always there are NO FEES for my services. 

Call today to discuss your options and request a quote! 

Linda K. Schreiner is an Independent Licensed Agent with Integrity Insurance.  Contact her at 303-330-1570 or lindaschreiner14@gmail.com

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