Spiritual Sexuality Karezza

~ By Patricia Kay Youngman ~

Karezza (ku-ret’za) is a loving, nonperformance oriented sexual interaction that not only does not strive for orgasm, but may actually promotes its avoidance. It can involve penetration, but it is not necessary. This makes it a physically and emotionally satisfying mode of interacting sexually that is possible between loving couples despite erectile dysfunction, quadraplegia or paraplegia.

Karezza is one of the many methods of exchanging sexual energy with love and intention resulting in increased affection and harmony between a couple. It also helps develop higher states of consciousness. This exchange of sexual energy is found in Taoist sexuality, Tantra, Quodoushka and other forms of spiritual sexuality.

Couples, ranging from those with no sexual problems to those with various sexual challenges have used the karezza technique. They report that the energies experienced are more pleasurable than the typical orgasm and that the practice increases their health and happiness as well as love for their partner. One does need a loving partner and that partner can be of the same or opposite sex. It is said to help heal sexual problems from sexual abuse, or other sexual trauma or from sexual teachings that have promoted fear, shame and guilt. Since it reduces stress it can lower blood pressure, promote sound sleep and help with other stress related illnesses.

Why would a couple possibly want to avoid orgasm? Besides the situations in which striving to achieve penetration and/or orgasm is a source of stress, orgasm itself is said to have drawbacks. This is discussed at length in Marnia Robinson’s book “Cupid’s Poison Arrow”. She says we are genetically programmed to have multiple partners to best distribute our genes and that diminished partner love and interest is inevitable postorgasmically. This, she says is due to the spike of dopamine followed by a sudden decline.

The practice of karezza results in high levels of oxytocin–the bonding hormone which is also a neurotransmitter. Oxytocin is often called the “cuddle” hormone. It promotes a loving connection and reduces stress, depression and anxiety.

Marnia Robinson suggests initiating karezza with two weeks of her many detailed “ecstatic exchanges” followed by a third week of relaxed intercourse every third night. The intercourse is optional. The ecstatic exchanges include oxytocin inducing activities such as looking into each other’s eyes, kissing, cuddling, synchronized breathing, skin to skin contact, stroking, etc. Ultimately, if desired, sexual activities involve slow, gentle intercourse with loving words and caresses.

A bioenergetic exchange takes place preventing sexual frustration and resulting in a continued pleasurable heightened libido and affection. Although there is no peak orgasm, there can be hours of “valley orgasm”. As Catherine Yronwode says in “Karezza Techniques” “…the participants experience a psychedelic perception of timelessness along with the exquisite bliss of bodily and spiritual rapture.” (http://www.luckymojo.com/tktechniques.html)

Patricia Kay Youngson

Patricia Kay Youngson

Patricia Kay Youngson is an RN and has a Masters in Counseling, specializing in pain management. E-mail: pkyoungson@yahoo.com. Website: patriciak.com

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