Spellbinders have a story to share!

Spellbinders have a story to share! In fact, Spellbinders share lots of stories because we are the volunteers who visit classrooms and enhance literary skills through the ancient art of oral story telling. Each storyteller pays a monthly visit to selected classes. The children eagerly await these visits while teachers report that the stories increase listening skills which transfer to other language skills like writing and comprehension.

The group began as a way to connect seniors and children and currently has 358 active tellers in Colorado. In the Metro area there are chapters in Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas County, and Jeffco. Members can attend chapter meetings and go to a school in their area.  Training is offered by all chapters so it’s easy to find a time that suits you. Training consists of four half days and is great fun. Training dates and much more information can be found at www.spellbinders.orgto contact a friendly person who will welcome you. Chapters hold open monthly meetings and that information is also on the website. Come and visit us!

For additional information, contact LaRene Wolfe larene.storyma@comcast.netor call 303-431-7906 or visit Jeffco’s meeting on Aug. 18 from 12:45-2:30 at Wheat Ridge Methodist Church on 38th and Vance St. Two of our members will present stories about making friends and anti-bullying to begin the new school year. The Sept. 15 meeting will have stories about overcoming adversity.

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