Speaker, Author Colleen Boyle Offers Caregiver Support

Colleen Boyle is the author of Mary’s Gift: A Caregiver’s Journey of Love, Loss and Connection. Mary’s Gift is a memoir describing the inspiring journey of a mother’s decline from dementia and her daughter’s attempts to care for her. While she learned to understand the illness and developed coping strategies she discovered a deeper connection her mother and learned profound lessons about herself. The experience of caring for her was Mary’s final gift.

Colleen is also a speaker, offering tips and insights for caregivers to stay connected with a loved one who has a dementing illness. No fees are expected…she is looking for opportunities to support caregivers, because she has been there. She knows that her journey would have been easier if she had heard practical suggestions from a fellow traveler in the world of care-giving for a loved one with dementia.

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