South Suburban Parks and Recreation – Jan. 2020

Lunch and Learn at Goodson Recreation Center – “Masterpieces in History”

Even those who really have no interest in art can easily envision at least one or two works of art that they remember for some reason or another. Whether it be Van Goghs’ Starry Nightor Monets’ Impression Sunrise, we all can conjure up a work of art that has touched us, stayed in our memory. Historians, scholars and authors have all compiled books about the great masterpieces in art so you can imagine that there are hundred’s of great “masterpieces” we could talk about and enjoy. For this presentation I chose works from the age of the “Renaissance”, the 300 years between 1300 to 1600 that brought Western Europe out of the middle ages and onto the threshold of modernity.   Lunch included.  Instructor: Cynthia Peer, art historian, Tue, Jan 14, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm, $10/$12, Class #703881

Medicare 101     

Making a decision can be hard! Attend this presentation and learn all your plan options and review the A,B,C and D’s of Medicare. Allen will share important dates to remember and how to save money on prescriptions. Instructor: Allen McGirl, McGirl Insurance

1/7      Buck Recreation Center            Tue       1:30 pm     Free, no need to register.

1/8     Lone Tree Recreation Center     Wed     1:30 pm     Free, no need to register.

Community Lunch Program at Buck Recreation Center

Socialize with friends and enjoy a hearty lunch in a relaxed atmosphere.  Call 303.730.4605 to make a reservation by the Tuesday prior.  Doors open at 11:30 am.  Lunch served at 12 pm.  $6.50/$7.50.  Lunch menu available online at

1/9     Buck Recreation Center     Thu     12:00 pm     $6.50/$7.50

January menu:  Cheese and bacon strata, sausage links, and fresh fruit.  Dessert:  Caramel Rolls

Life Balance Workshop: Finding Balance in a Fast-Paced World

In this two hour hands-on workshop, we’ll explore how subtle shifts in focus can bring joy and balance into your everyday life.  You’ll be guided through an exercise of self-discovery to identify areas of your life that need attention and how to make the shifts to achieve balance.

Hope Hughes is an intuitive holistic life coach who is passionate about helping her clients design lives they’re excited to live.

1/18     Buck Recreation Center     Sat     2:00-4:00 pm     $25/$30     Class #705491

Coffee and Chat at Lone Tree Recreation Center  – 2020 Kick-Off – New Year, New You!  Sponsored by Iora Health

1/28     Lone Tree Recreation Center     Tue     11:30     Free, no need to register.

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