Sensory Outings Brings Purpose and Meaning to Male Residents at Juniper Village

Aurora, CO – How nice to hear the sounds of men sanding, hammering on wood, and sorting nuts and bolts into various containers. Recently, Meghan Morrisey from the Sensory Outings Company brought her bag of tricks to Juniper Village at Aurora Wellspring Memory Care for the Men’s Pub gathering and they went to town doing what they do best. Sensory Outings is an Alzheimer’s Montessori activities program whose professionals visit assisted living communities providing one-on- one activities for early to late stage Alzheimer’s individuals.

What a delight to see the residents working and figuring out which bolt or nut to place into which hole and tighten them down. Tom was given sandpaper to smooth the edges on a baseball bat. Bob was busy calculating his every move placing the matchsticks into the proper sized slots of the container he was working with. Marvin was busy making sure all the wing nuts fit the proper screws and enjoyed meticulously figuring them out. While Leon was a natural making the wooden box fit together like a glove ensuring the screws were tightened down just right.

These activities brought purpose and meaning to the male residents, bringing back memories for them to enjoy.

About Juniper Communities, LLC.
Juniper Communities, founded in 1988 operates long-term care communities in NJ, FL, PA and CO. Juniper is dedicated to Nurturing the Spirit of Life in each individual served and believes the keys to healthy aging are an active body, an engaged mind, and a fulfilled spirit. The company’s mission is to serve its stakeholders, residents, families, employee associates, and investors with excellence and strong dedication to the company’s hallmarks of quality, value and innovation. For more information on Juniper call 973.661.8300 or visit

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