Sensory Engagement: Montessori Activities Program for Alzheimer’s Participants

Denver, Colorado – Sensory Outings Company announces a new Alzheimer’s program called “Sensory Engagement.” Sensory Engagement is an one-hour Montessori activities program for groups of early to late stage Alzheimer’s participants. We visit assisted living facilities with memory care, residential memory care homes, and family homes from Longmont (north) to Castle Rock (south). Sensory Engagement is designed to enhance cognition interaction and sensorimotor skills through Alzheimer’s Montessori activities. Sensory Outings professionals give individual interaction and maximum engagement so no sleeping or boredom, and lots for men to do.

Where: At assisted living facilities with memory care, residential memory care homes, and family homes.
When: Monday through Friday; mornings and afternoons for 1 hour. Fee: $40-75 per hour.
Who: Anyone who has Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

What we offer:
Montessori activities themes that Sensory Engagement provide: Words & Numbers, Kitchen Activities, Men’s Work Area, Maps & Countries, Arts & Crafts, Sports & Games.

1. Coed Group: We bring different activity themes for men and women to do (early to late stage Alzheimer’s).

2. Men’s Club: Men’s work area and Maps & Countries.

3. Women’s League: Women’s themes include Arts & Crafts, Kitchen Activities or Words & Numbers.

4. Private 1-on-1 for an assisted living resident or family member and Sensory Outings professional. The activities will fit the person’s stage of Alzheimer’s or other form of dementia.

Our mission is to provide these special people with life enrichment Montessori activities that promote self-worth and independence. Engagement is a natural process carried out by an Alzheimer’s participant and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in his or hers environment. We believe people with Alzheimer’s need activities that engage them and they remember and they enjoy. We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization offering a unique environment dedicated to the needs and abilities of people with Alzheimer’s, with emphasis on dignity. Our professionals have up to 3 years of experience, trained by the highly regarded Alzheimer’s Association of Denver and by Teepa Snow’s seminars and videos.

Meghan Morrissey founded Sensory Outings Company from deep desire to help others through her personal experience with her mother’s journey with dementia (see Gale’s Journey:

“Thank you Sensory Outings for fulfilling the spirit of our men and bringing back those memories for them to enjoy.” – Michelle Audet from Juniper Village at Aurora (3/7/2017)

Call now 303-717-5134 for more information. Visit for more details.

The happy and engaged residents are from three assisted living facilities.

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