Science Care Commenorates 15 Years of Service

~ Improving life by linking whole body donors with medical researchers and educators ~

Science Care is proud to announce its 15 year anniversary in service to the public and the medical community to advance medicine and improve life. Science Care serves as the link between those that wish to leave a lasting legacy through whole body donation for medical research and those medical researchers and educators that need human tissue to advance medicine.

Over the years Science Care has solidified its place as the industry leader in the safe and ethical operation of non-transplant tissue banks.  Science Care has helped tens of thousands to leave a lasting legacy of hope for future generations through the generosity of whole body donation. Working with many of the largest and most prestigious universities, medical schools, research institutions and medical device development companies in the world, Science Care has helped to facilitate the development of numerous lifesaving and life enhancing medical procedures and devices. Tens of thousands of nurses, first responders, physicians and surgeons have received hands on surgical training through the generous gifts of Science Care donors, improving patient outcomes today and in the future.

Science Care was founded in 2000 with the mission to set the standard of excellence for the donation and responsible use of human tissue for medical research, training and professional education.  With remarkable growth and vision, Science Care now has 4 donation centers coast to coast and over 80,000 people have joined the registry of donors in support of life through medical research.

“If I’m able to do a better procedure, it’s a safer procedure…I worked on my technique during the course to make it better, safer, more efficient, and then when I came back and started working on real patients, I saw the difference.  It just makes it safer for my patients.” – Dr. Tahuanty Pena, Wayne State University School of Medicine

“I am forever grateful to science and technology and all who have sacrificed and given blood, sweat, and tears to things like these implants and so much more.” – Sarah Churman, hearing loss patient and recipient of inner ear implants allowing her to hear for the first time in 28 years.

“Non-human models often fall short when it comes to learning…where the human anatomy is key and crucial. The gift of tissue for teaching purposes opens a world of learning to surgeons that cannot be replicated in books or classrooms. On the job learning carries real risk which can be minimized by time spent with cadaveric specimens.” – Michael Baumholtz, MD, FACS – Surgeon/Assistant Professor – Department of Surgery – Temple University Hospital and Shriner’s Hospital for Children

Science Care’s 15 year anniversary will be commemorated with a variety of events throughout the year that include open house events for the public at each of the 4 donation centers.

Donating your body to science improves life for everyone.

About Science Care
Science Care ( sets the standard of excellence for the donation and the responsible use of human tissue for medical research, training, and professional education. Science Care’s program contributes to new breakthroughs and developments in medicine, including advanced physician training, development of new medical devices and safer, more effective treatments for patients. Through the generosity of individual donors, each development provides hope for a healthier future for all.

Science Care Arizona, California, Colorado and Florida are accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks ( Science Care supports medical research both domestically and internationally.

For More Information
Regarding medical research and training: 800.590.8132
Regarding how to donate your body to science: 800.417.3747

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