Road Scholar Launches Groundbreaking Civil Rights Movement Program for Grandparents and Grandkids

BOSTON, Mass. (May 23, 2024) — Road Scholar, the world leader in educational travel for older adults, is proud to announce the launch of its new intergenerational program for grandparents and their families, focusing on the pivotal Civil Rights Movement. The program, titled “The Heart of the Civil Rights Movement With Your Family,” is a continuation of Road Scholar’s commitment to providing immersive and educational travel experiences.

Drawing inspiration from its highly acclaimed and impactful program, “The Civil Rights Movement: Atlanta, Montgomery, Selma, Birmingham,” Road Scholar’s new offering is designed to provide an enriching journey through the history of the Civil Rights Movement, with a special emphasis on fostering intergenerational dialogue and understanding.
“We are excited to introduce this innovative program that allows our participants to explore and learn together about civil rights history with their children and grandchildren,” said Maeve Hartney, Chief Programs Officer at Road Scholar. “Our aim is to create meaningful experiences that not only educate but also strengthen family bonds and inspire future generations to champion equality and justice.”
Participants in the “Heart of the Civil Rights” program will have the opportunity to visit iconic landmarks and pivotal sites in Atlanta, Montgomery, Selma, and Birmingham, where key events of the Civil Rights Movement took place. Led by expert instructors, including historians and local activists, participants will engage in interactive discussions, hear personal accounts, and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and triumphs of the movement.
“The civil rights family program was developed to ensure that the story of the Civil Rights Movement is not forgotten,” said Bobbie Duncan from the Center for Educational Adventure, which is partnering with Road Scholar for this program. “Through educational content and thought-provoking conversations, we hope to bridge the generation gap between Road Scholar grandparents and their grandkids and keep the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement alive in them.”
The program is now open for enrollments to grandparents and their children and grandchildren, ages 13-18. (Grandparent and grandchildren may also attend without the parents, as a “skip-gen” experience). The first departure date is scheduled for June 22-28, 2025. Road Scholar encourages interested individuals to visit their website or contact their customer service team for more information and to reserve their spots for this transformative journey.
For more information about Road Scholar and the “The Heart of the Civil Rights Movement With Your Family” program, visit or contact 800-454-5768. Photos can be found here.
About Road Scholar:
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