Respite Care: A Break from Caregiving

By Meghan Kluth, Jeffco “Aging Well Project” Caregiver & Supportive Services Team Member and Program Director at Colorado Respite Coalition ~

November is National Family Caregivers Month. The 2018 theme is Supercharge Your Caregiving! Finding resources is crucial for caregivers to keep themselves healthy and supported. Respite care, a short break from caregiving, is one of the most important resources. We all need a break sometimes – even superhero caregivers!

There are nearly 584,000 family caregivers in the state of Colorado (AARP, 2015). Respite can help improve caregiver health and well-being and helps to establish additional support systems. Respite can allow caregivers time to manage their own health, spend time with other loved ones or practice self-care.

Respite may be available for caregivers of individuals of all ages and all special healthcare needs. Respite looks different for everyone and comes in many forms. Every relationship needs a break sometimes. Respite is also beneficial for the person receiving care, as it can provide the opportunity to socialize and enjoy community experiences.

There are many types of respite care and it is important to consider the best option for your needs.

Respite care may be provided:
• In the home
• At a day program or other center
• Overnight
• By professionals, friends, relatives, etc.
• By faith communities or other community programs

Respite can be challenging to find, and it is key to find the right fit for your family. Find someone both the caregiver and individual receiving care is comfortable with, and enjoy. Ask questions to make sure the person is qualified and able to safely provide care.

To learn more about respite care, please visit our resources or contact Colorado Respite Coalition directly at or 303.233.1666.
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