Reader’s Corner

By Bonnie McCune ~

Roam new realms with books. Here are some suggestions:

Doomsday Book. a prophetic view of a pandemic by Colorado’s own Connie Willis, takes the reader on a voyage to Middle Ages plague years as well as forward to the near future to experience the extremes of both. Highly relatable characters in a crisis are forced to rescue themselves and each other in realistic situations. 

Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors brings a touch of Jane Austen’s magic. Author Sonali Dev augments the story with an entirely new perspective and culture, plunging Chdeep into the intricate relationships of a wealthy, Indian-American, blended dynasty, complete with their gourmet food, exquisite tastes in manners and dress, and a multitude of talents. Romance joins a woman neurosurgeon and an equally talented, if poor and orphaned, master chef, outwitting an old nemesis who attempts to ruin the dynasty. More than a retelling, the book’s a whole new, enchanting story.

The Bette Davis Club. Margo Just is 50ish, broke, and disillusioned when she travels to California for her niece’s wedding to the stepson of a Hollywood mogul. Things go awry when the bride-to-be runs away with stolen goods. Tempted by a $50,000 fee, Margo reluctantly agrees to track down the wayward bride. What follows is an often-hilarious road trip in a vintage MG with the jilted groom as Margo is pushed to confront some unresolved issues. A great, laugh-out-loud read with unforgettable characters.

The Mountain Between Us. What begins as a straight-up winter survival story expands into a compelling tale of love, loss, and endurance in the face of overwhelming odds. As the two main characters—an ER doctor and a journalist—struggle to stay alive in the Uinta wilderness of Utah, they are forced to confront their dire predicament while fighting feelings for each other. Their love story is both uplifting and satisfying.

(Author Kathleen Duhamel writes humorous contemporary romance featuring “seasoned” characters. Her newest is Fed Up. Author Bonne McCune’s latest is Never Retreat, a suspenseful romance in Colorado’s wilderness.

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