Readers’ Corner: October: Random Acts of Poetry Day, Wed, 10/7

Indulge yourself and share a poem, or read one ~

By Bonnie McCune and Kathleen Duhamel ~

Dog Songs. Pulitzer Prize winning poet Mary Oliver’s straightforward style and accessible themes have won her a legion of fans worldwide. Dog Songs is a small collection of short poems expressing her unabashed admiration of dogs, including her own, and the positive impact they have on our lives. (“Because of the dog’s joyfulness, our own is increased. It is no small gift.”) This book would make a treasured memento for anyone who has ever loved a dog.

100 Songs, Bob Dylan. This new collection of the Nobel Laureate’s lyrics is a bold attempt to capture the essence of his extensive song catalog, including the classics (All Along the Watchtower, Blowin’ in the Wind, Like a Rolling Stone) with lesser-known works. Dylan’s genius at creating moving, humorous, and often cryptic poetic lyrics that express the American experience stands on its own. Anyone discovering Dylan’s work, as well as longtime devotees, will enjoy this book as a handy reference. 

Inspired by the Library of Congress’s poem-a-day program, headed by then-poet laureate Billy Collins, Poetry 180 presents short, understandable, amusing or thoughtful pieces by contemporary poets. Nothing scary or incomprehensible here! Readers of all ages will enjoy the richness and diversity of the form. Dip in at any page or read from front to back, to discover new poem and voices to cherish. The wide-ranging samples feature the form’s vibrance and abundance. Also available free online through Library of Congress.

News of the World’s author Paulette Giles, known as an excellent poet, hits the ball out of the park with this novel, set after the Civil War. An aging itinerant travels Texas to give live readings from newspapers. He agrees to transport a young, orphaned ex-captive of the Kiowa back to her birth-family while she tries to escape at every opportunity, In this exquisitely rendered, multilayered historical fiction, the mis-matched companions face dangers and personal challenge.

Author Kathleen Duhamel writes humorous contemporary romance featuring “seasoned” characters. Her newest is Fed Up. Author Bonne McCune’s latest is Never Retreat, a suspenseful romance in Colorado’s wilderness.


  1. Dylan Johnstone my new Son-In-Law works for Big Rock Brewery. As today is Canadian Beer day and Random Acts of Poetry Day, I wanted to honor him by writing a poem about Bog Rocks signature beers.
    The Committee
    Thanksgiving Harvest festival would soon begin.
    The Big Rock Committee was settling in.

    Fowl Mouth – over in the corner all alone
    Strummed his guitar and sang along.
    A sweet tune of a bitter romance
    filled the air while a few danced.

    Dunkelweizen passed around sweet malty chocolates she’d made.
    Banana and clove scenting the air with every swish of her braid.

    Warthog – arranged the tables, serving in his mild clean way.
    His toffee brown skin glowed in the setting light of the day.

    Traditional Al was first to take a seat.
    As chairman of the board his agenda replete.
    They said he led his committee
    in a way that was smooth, bold and witty.

    Scott took a seat next to Traditional Al.
    With his dark malty accent he called out “gather up one and ale”

    Saaz eyed him with piercing European eyes round and brown
    She sauntered from the dance floor and sat down with a frown.
    Her perfume wafting a herbal aroma.
    She drew in the room with her spicy soma.

    IPA stepped through the Big Rock door
    A British sailor – just arrived from India’s shore.
    “Welcome back Jack” Shouted voices from within.
    He flashed his greeting with one huge grin.

    McNallly, a baker who was able
    brought a platter of toffee, caramel and fruits to the table.

    Grasshopper, the farmer fresh in from the field
    Bragged of his combine and his wheats good yield.
    He passed out BBQ Kabobs on a skewer
    Along with lemon wedges and beer from the Big Rock brewer.

    Traditional Al called the Committee to order,
    And appointed Honey Brown as the meetings recorded.

    Everyone listened as Honey Brown read the minutes
    Her voice sweet as molasses, she called out the business
    Her amber eyes smiling as she thanked all for coming
    “Lets get this Big Rock Happy Hearts Festival running”

    “Hear, Hear” said the IPA Jack with a cheer.
    All raised a toast with a clank of their beer.

    By Don Albers
    Oct. 7, 2020

    • Thanks so much for sending this along. You have the heart of a real poet. I trust your son-in-law appreciates you. I used to struggle with poetry until I realized it simply was writing what’s in your hear

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