Readers’ Corner, May 2021 – “Monsters among us!”

By Kathleen Duhamel and Bonne McCune ~

Nothing to See Here (Kevin Wilson) is a falsehood. There IS something to see in the luxurious house where Lillian becomes a full-time caretaker for step-twins of old friend Madison, now married to a rich politician. One small flaw—the children spontaneously combust when upset. Page by page the reader is drawn into the complicated web of everyone’s psychological character, warts and all. Lillian struggles to help the twins despite being as damaged as they. As the adult she’s supposed to fix things. An Amazon best book, full of heart and humor.

At the Water’s Edge (Sarah Gruen). During World War II, spoiled heiress Maddie, her new husband and his best friend embark on a foolhardy trip across the Atlantic Ocean to Scotland. Since both men have been declared unfit for military service, their goal is to get photographic proof of the Loch Ness monster to please Maddie’s rich father. Once they arrive, Maddie is left on her own at a rundown inn to discover that neither the monster nor her marriage is what it seems. Unexpected plot twists and paranormal elements make this an enjoyable journey from the author of Water for Elephants.

Lily and the Octopus (Steven Rowley) combines humor, heartbreak, and hope in a fresh, original story that will resonate with anyone who has experienced a deep connection with a beloved pet. Ted is a lonely and discouraged writer whose only constant is the companionship of his elderly dachshund Lily. When her health deteriorates, he sets out on an epic ocean voyage to find and kill the menacing “octopus” that threatens her life. (Spoiler alert: brave little Lily will steal your heart. Keep the tissues handy,)

Authors Kathleen Duhamel, https//, and Bonne McCune,, write women’s fiction.

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