Readers’ Corner: Jan. 2022 – Brew a cup of tea and read during National Tea Month

By Bonnie McCune & Kathleen Duhamel ~

THE ALICE NETWORK (Kate Quinn) offers an adventure in the ever-popular historical period of the first half of the 20th century in Europe. While fiction, it’s firmly based in the true stories that illustrate the bravery, intelligence and drive of women who unexpectedly (to us) plunged into active roles. It then combines the saga with that of a young American girl, pregnant and estranged from her family, who seeks a cousin lost in the chaos and tragedy of WW II. Both the young lady and her middle-aged adventuress-spy companion test lessons about themselves, one another, and the wretched lifestyles they triumph over. A mesmerizing story of courage and redemption.”

ISLAND OF SEA WOMEN (Lisa See) is another tale about women’s audacity and perseverance. Set on a Korean island, ranging over decades in the 20th century, that include many armed conflicts and crises, the female half of the population excels at deep sea fishing, minus any modern equipment or wet suits, leaving their babes and children to be tended by the men. Two close friends from widely different backgrounds forge a close relationship.. .for a while. Their choices and life paths mandate their estrangement, even feud, until they discover what’s truly important to them

“Imagine forgiving yourself completely… Imagine letting your past float through your present and away like air through a window.” Surviving today’s uncertain times requires resilience, compassion, and a generous dose of self-care. THE COMFORT BOOK, Matt Haig’s collection of lists, short quotes, and observations delivers on all counts while never becoming maudlin or preachy, likely because of Haig’s own battle with depression and suicidal thoughts. For anyone struggling through mental health challenges, this beautifully written book is a road map through disappointment and regret to hope. The perfect bedside companion, it is best savored in small doses.

Author Kathleen Duhamel writes humorous contemporary romance featuring “seasoned” characters. Her newest is Fed Up. Author Bonne McCune’s latest is Never Retreat, a suspenseful romance in Colorado’s wilderness.

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