Readers’ Corner, Feb. 2024: Library Lovers Month

By Bonnie McCune and Kathleen Duhamel ~

Libraries store millions of books in every form so all can enjoy them. Here are three temptations. Pageboy accompanies Elliott Page on a body-and-soul changing voyage. This memoir introduces the author as the former Ellen who began an acting career in her teens as a female and transitions over several decades to a male. Lauded for her acting talent, Ellen aka Elliot strips away any pretense of story-making in this book to reveal the complexity and emotions of a person of any gender facing emotional reality to become truly him/herself.

Confessions of a Curious Bookseller, Elisabeth Green. Books about bookshops always seem to be popular, probably because there are so many bibliophiles out there. The unusual slant in this story is that owner Fawn is definitely flawed, even petty in response to the sudden appearance of an indie bookstore in her West Philly neighborhood. Not always scrupulous in her dealings, she tries to scramble her business into economic sustainability, uncover some kind of emotional strengths in a flawed family relationship, supervise a dedicated if imperfect intern, and keep an aging structure in repair. 

The Bad Weather Friend. Fans of Dean Koontz will enjoy his latest paranormal thriller that combines alien intelligence, genetic engineering, and supernatural beings into an engaging, if not preposterous, tale. Nice guy Bennie Catspaw’s life is in turmoil when he loses his job and fiancé in one day. The mystery of his shattered life deepens when an enormous crate, bestowed on him by a distant relative, is delivered with an otherworldly gift. Readers are led on a journey that alternates between the present and Benny’s creepy boarding school life. Not Koontz’s best work, but devotees will love it. 

Authors Kathleen Duhamel,, and Bonne McCune,, write women’s fiction.

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