Readers’ Corner: Chills and Thrills – Sept. 2021

By Kathleen Duhamel ~

Baby Teeth. Zoje Stage’s creepy domestic thriller explores the breakdown of an upscale dysfunctional family, driven by a disturbed child intent on murder. Parents Suzette and Alex are running out of options for seven-year-old Hanna, who rarely speaks and has been expelled from several schools for her disruptive and frightening behavior. Who is at fault here—the chronically ill mother, who secretly fears her own daughter, the husband, who regularly disrespects his wife’s decisions, or Hanna herself, who claims to be a French witch who was burned at the stake? A deliciously scary debut novel.

Everyone adores a wedding, Murder by Invite (Suzanne Young) admits, particularly when the lovers have been separated for eons. But when Edna Davies, responsible for wedding details, discovers her husband has been accused of murder at a medical conference, crime takes priority. Edna juggles clues, suspects, and dismal facts to prove hubby’s innocence in the eighth in this cozy mystery series. Touted as a cross between Miss Marple and Jessica Fletcher, she must put aside preparations to continue sleuthing. This light, tasty reading treat challenges the reader with ever-shifting suspects and clues as well as close calls for all. 

Interview With the Vampire. First published almost 50 years ago, Ann Rice’s sensual, atmospheric masterpiece transformed the typical vampire archetype from blood-sucking predator to a sympathetic being possessing human qualities. As the story begins, 18th century plantation owner Louis Pointe du Lac has suffered a crushing personal loss and turns to alcohol for solace. During his darkest moment, he meets Lestat, a powerful vampire who offers Louis the “dark gift” of immortality. The author’s ability to blend bone-chilling horror with a deeper exploration of the human condition sets this book apart from its many imitators.  

(Authors Kathleen Duhamel,, and Bonnie McCune,, write women’s fiction.)

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