Ramblings of a Ramber – June 2016

~ By Bill Watson ~

Wow!, a lot of water has passed under the bridge since the last edition of the Prime Time. My wife Debbie and I attended the Salute To Seniors show at the Denver Convention Center and were amazed and humbled by all the folks who found us and complimented us about the paper. Thank you all! There is an old Irish saying “The work praises the man”. I always took it to mean don’t look for compliments, if you do your job well it will speak for itself. Deb, Jessica and I work at putting out the most informative senior publication we can, hoping that our seniors find us as a valuable source of information to use in their daily lives. We love your feedback, good or bad. You let us know what’s important to you and by doing so we keep growing. As we’ve said in the past and continue to emphasize, its your paper and we welcome your thoughts and ideas.

The day after the show, Deb and I went to Red Rocks to see the Joe Walsh, Bad Company concert. It was the night before my 60th birthday. Joe Walsh + Red Rocks x Birthday = A great Birthday eve. I rocked like I was back in the day. The next day, my birthday, time had caught up to me with some new aches. It was a good birthday.

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

The highlight of the past month was a lunch with two Marine Veterans of the WWII Pacific Battle on Iwo Jima. Deb, Jess Edgar, and I met with Don Whipple and Al Jennings at a local restaurant and basically sat in awe as they recalled their days in the Pacific. After listening to their telling stories of the invasion, I came home and read and watched anything I could on Iwo Jima. That was Japans last gasp, they couldn’t loose the island. It was too important to them. They were prepared and ready for the invasion. The courage and bravery of those Marines was a turning point in the war. By taking the island, the American forces had three air bases close to the main island of Japan. I sat next to two guys who were there and they were kind enough to tell us their stories. I was wide eyed, I laughed and I cried. Their stories are powerful and they moved me. Jess wrote a nice story on our meeting, its on page 16 of this months edition. The Greatest Generation our country has ever seen. When they were called upon they changed the world.

Enjoy this months edition. We have two casinos and Ace Express advertising this month. If you enjoy going to Black Hawk check out their offers. We have some really good and informative submitted articles from area professionals and businesses, our readers and people in our communities. Thank you all for your contributions, it’s greatly appreciated! If you have the opportunity support our advertisers, without them we wouldn’t be here.

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