Ramblings of a Rambler

~ By Bill Watson ~

I appreciate the difference between you and me. We are all different, whether it be our size, age, color or our difference in our beliefs. It’s just my opinion but I think that’s what makes our country special. The United States of America is a grand melting pot and every day you may cross paths with someone that may be different than you in some ways and in other ways, very much the same. We are all diverse human beings with our blood pumping through the heart of this great country.

When it comes to differences of opinions, we find common ground and address the issues. We are better for that exchange of ideas and how we engage in our conversation with someone should be with respect for each other and an open mind. I feel (again in my opinion) we can all embrace our differences.

Our founding fathers gave us a brilliant blueprint on how to deal with a diverse population. The Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Our government is designed for debate and negotiation. Our country became great because of that debate and our open platform to express different ideas and views.

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

When I purchased the paper almost five years ago, I told myself the one thing that I would not do would be expressing my views on political issues. The old-time bars in Pennsylvania coal country had signs posted “No talk of Religion or Politics”, for good reason. Bar owners were quick to identify things that would disrupt their business and passions run deep with both subjects. Add a few beers to that tension and things turn dark pretty quick!

Having said all that, I can’t keep silent when I see what is happening with our Health Care.

Thirteen men in the United States Senate wrote a new Health Care plan to replace the ACA (Affordable Care Act), which was implemented in 2011. This new plan was written without any debate, in secret and is something that is going to have a direct effect on every single person living in this country. Two of those men, Utah Senator Mike Lee and our own Senator Cory Gardner said they never saw the plan. Lobbyists who represent special interests saw the Bill before most of the Senators!

If you are a senior or have a pre-existing condition or disability, you need to be aware and do your research regarding the effects this Bill may have on you personally if passed.

Elections have consequences, but elected officials also take an oath of office that makes them responsible to work for us, the people. Don’t we deserve to hear the voices of our leaders? Don’t we deserve a debate from our elected officials on something as important as Health Care? When did we become a country of political tricks and divisiveness rather than honest debate with the Constitution and Bill of Rights as the rule? As I wrote in the beginning, YES we are all different but in the end we all want what is best for our country and our families and their future.

It’s time to be heard and your voice matters. We deserve better and we need to remind our elected officials who they work for. This is important. If you want your voice heard please call Senator Cory Gardner at 303-391-5777 or Senator Michael Bennet at 303-455-7600 and let them know your thoughts.

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