Ramblings of a Rambler – Sept. 2022

Hi Prime Timers! Fall is upon us and personally, it’s my favorite season on the calendar. One of my favorite vegetables is celebrated in Colorado in September, Peppers! Not long after Deb and I got married her oldest brother taught me how to stuff long hots with anchovies. It was a local Italian favorite in my hometown in Pennsylvania. I was fortunate to grow up in a pretty diverse community. The area was known for its anthracite coal. People immigrated from all over Europe to work the mines. Like most folks who came to our country, over time they built their own communities, churches and schools. Each community would celebrate their heritage and customs during the summer months with picnics and fairs. The food was outstanding! I loved the Polish and Italian picnics the most, but as I got older I grew an appreciation for the Bavarian countries and their contributions to the culinary world…

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

It’s here! Football season has finally arrived. Usually, by month’s end, I’ve been drained of all enthusiasm and optimism for my Philadelphia Eagles team. But this year I feel it’s going to be different. I have also made that statement every year for the past 25 years. I’m excited about the Broncos. I think everyone is excited about the Broncos. It should be a fun year…
Go Broncos!

This month we have two Senior Connections. The first is on Tuesday, September 20 in Westminster at the beautiful Establishment Event Center at 11855 Bradburn Blvd just off 120th. The second will be held on Tuesday, September 27 at Heritage Todd Creek, 8455 Heritage Drive in Thornton, a golf retirement community just five miles east off of I-25 exit 229, CO-7 East to Thornton……

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