Ramblings of a Rambler – Sept. 2020

By Bill Watson, Publisher
Prime Time News ~

Hi Prime Timers and Happy Labor Day! We’re extremely grateful to all the “Essential
Workers” for all you do especially during this challenging time. Where would we be
without you?

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

Did you have the opportunity to attend the virtual Salute to Seniors? I feel that lots of people with computer access have taken part in a Zoom meeting with family, friends or work since our comings and goings have been restricted. We had a virtual booth for the event and it was great to hear from some of our readers. A good friend of Prime Time News, Karen stopped by to chat. We really miss seeing her and many other familiar faces in person at these events. It was very cool to catch up with her and share a few laughs. Then there was Molly, who stopped by to show us her Hamilton themed shirt. Molly had the best quote of the day, “Who would have thought it would take Hamilton to teach a 70 year old how to rap.” The Colorado Gerontological Society did an outstanding job with the event. A tip of the hat to Eileen Doherty, her staff and crew of volunteers. Job well done!

My wife Deb and I planted some vegetables this year. We never grew a garden before.
While we were at the nursery we picked up a zucchini plant. We were excited to see it
grow and start bearing fruit. It was getting bigger every day and always yellow in color .

I asked Deb, isn’t zucchini supposed to be green? She said I think it has to ripen. Our
son came to visit and told us, what you’re growing will never turn green, IT’S SQUASH!
Oh well, live and learn…

Much appreciation and a big thank you to our reader’s, advertisers, contributors and
distributors for your support! We couldn’t do it without you!!


  1. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for your published appreciation of essential workers. I thank you again, and take it personally as I am a master plumber and contractor. The past six months have been quite variable and demanding and essential.

    I have restarted my plumbing advertising with Prime Time News with a focus on the 55+ community. The current health crisis has opened my eyes to a segment of the population with needs for essential providers/professionals. I find that they are good gardeners with a healthy zucchini crop this season.

    Mike Matthews

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