Ramblings of a Rambler – Sept. 2019

Hi Prime Timers! Here we are on the doorstep of fall. Of all the seasons, fall is my favorite time of year. I enjoy being outside and the crispness in the air. Growing up in PA, I loved seeing the trees starting their preparations for the greatest show on earth. The fall foliage in the Northeastern States is a beautiful sight to behold. Then there is football. From High School to the pros. If there’s a game on I’ll watch it. I think this year Deb and I may take in a college game. We haven’t attended one in a few years. Living back in PA I would always see the Air Force Academy on TV and think that would be a great place to see a game.

We attended the Senior Connection at the Arvada center on August 20th. It was a great event and as always it was wonderful to see and spend time with our friends. We really appreciate the feedback we get from our readers.

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

Ok, did someone say its football season? Yes, I did. This should be an exciting year in the pros. How are the Broncos going to be in 2019? I like Joe Flacco and there’s a good battle for backup quarterback between Drew Lock and Kevin Hogan. The offensive line looks healthy going into the season. The defense scares me but they can’t be on the field the majority of the game. 16 games is a big schedule and anything can happen. Go Broncos!!!

I haven’t gone fishing since I wrote about it. Things got pretty busy here. We traveled to Delaware to spend time with our grandkids and when we came back we had a few old friends come to visit. One buddy I haven’t seen in over 30 years. We didn’t skip a beat and 30 years dissolved in an instant. We pretty much picked up from where we left offÉ amazing!

As I write this column Deb’s girlfriend Roberta is visiting from PA for a couple of weeks. They have been friends since kindergarten so I guess you can call them lifelong friends. Also, amazing!

As always, a big thank you to our advertisers, contributors and readers. We really appreciate and are grateful for your support!

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