Ramblings of a Rambler – Sept. 2013

Ramblings of a RamblerMy son John wrote this poem for my Mother in-laws funeral service. I thought I would share it with our readers.
Enjoy your day!

The Chain

A life, a self, of memories made,
and a soul, the mind’s domain.
A thought of past that never decayed
marks a link of tempered chain.

Each link composed of moments transpired
in a chain of ceaseless growth.
It shapes the mind and all that’s desired
in the now and future both.

The mind, the self, the life are as one,
and the chain, the binding strength.
But time, it seems, is ordered by none,
so concealed remains its length.

A life that ends, a final link cast.
From the chain is forged a ring.
A band of thoughts, from present to past,
and from end to end they cling.

No single chain, divorced from the rest,
can withstand time unimpaired.
So all through life, we welcome in guests
to ensure the chain is shared.

A link belongs to no one alone;
it is part of countless chains.
We share the weight of a chain that’s grown,
so that every piece remains.

A chain of joy, a chain of regret,
and a chain of love and strife.
A chain one wears to never forget —
The enduring chain of life.

~ John Watson ~

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