Ramblings of a Rambler – Oct. 2019

Hi Prime Timers! Fall is here and it doesn’t look like we’ll have any playoff baseball in Denver. Hey, there’s always next year. Besides, its Bronco time. I was listening to the local talk radio the other day while I was out running errands. I usually listen to music but my Eagles played a great game the previous night and I figured I’d listen to Sports Talk. 

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

I tuned in just as the Bronco’s daily press conference was beginning. The coaches each took their turn at the microphone and the Talk Show commentators were waiting for Von Miller to take his turn. He gave a 15 second comment and then left the press conference. They were surprised and couldn’t believe what just happened. That’s all they talked about for the rest of the show and it continued with the next show. It was a gold mine for them, it gave them content. Me, I was satisfied with what Von Miller said. He basically said we’re ready and I’m excited for the opportunity. Go Von!

I wouldn’t fret about the Broncos. They do have a good team, but a young and new team. The NFL pre-season is a joke. The beginning of regular season is the first game action for the majority of players. It takes time to gel as a team especially when you have new coaches and players. It will happen. Go Broncos!!!
Deb and I joined some friends in Denver for a Taste of Colorado recently. We live out near DIA and decided for the first time to take the Light Rail to Denver. We arrived at Union Station in 27 minutes. As we were walking through Union Station, which is beautiful by the way, I turned to Deb and told her “this is the first time I came to Denver stress free”. It was a very cool way to travel and we got to meet some really nice people along the way. As my granddaughter says “Win Win”…
A big THANK YOU to all our advertisers, contributors and readers. We really appreciate and are very grateful for all your support!!

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