Ramblings of a Rambler – Oct. 2018

By Bill Watson, Publisher
Prime Time For Seniors ~

Hi Prime Timers! I hope you had a great Summer and are enjoying the beginnings
of Fall. As of this writing the Rockies are a game in first place in the National League
West ahead of the dreaded Dodgers. Deb and I attended the Phillies/ Rockies game and
watched the Rockies demonstrate why they are in first place. Although we are Phillie fans,
we are baseball fans first and appreciate good play by a good team. I wear my Phillies
Greg Luzinski jersey when I go to games. It’s a tribute to my team and my favorite player.
Rocky fans get it. More than a few Rocky fans commented on my jersey and I even had
a few conversations about the Bull. The Phills lost by 10 but it was a great evening at the
ballpark. I think the Rockies stand a good chance in the playoffs, they are hitting their
stride at the perfect time….Go Rockies!!!

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

Elections are right around the corner. Do your homework, find out who is running and
do a little research. Don’t count on TV commercials to make your decision, they seldom
tell the whole story. More time than not it’s who can sling the most mud. Personally, I am
sick and tired of our current political culture. I’m a registered Democrat but more of an
Independent voter. I vote for the person not the party. The important thing is to vote….
I hope you enjoy this months publication. I really enjoyed the submitted articles from
John Turek and Harold Shuler. Both men have a way with words and have a wonderful
way of telling a story. Thanks guys!…

I had the opportunity to be a surgical patient at Good Samaritan Hospital in Louisville
this past month. I had a stubborn kidney stone since January that had no intention of
leaving on its own. If you’ve ever danced with a kidney stone you know it’s a partner to
avoid at all cost. A big thank you to the doctors and the great nurses at Good Samaritan.
You were fantastic!!!

As always, A big thank you to our advertisers, contributors and readers. We really appreciate and are so grateful for your support!!

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