Ramblings of a Rambler – Oct. 2017

~ By Bill Watson, Publisher ~

Hi Prime Timers! We hope you had a wonderful summer. Fall is here along with all the wonderful fall happenings. Personally, I enjoy the local farms and the bounty of their harvest. I’ve become addicted to roasted chilies. We have a family tradition of stuffing long hot peppers with anchovies and packing them in olive oil. In Pennsylvania we were sort of limited to one kind of pepper. Colorado offers a larger variety both in size and in intensity…

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

My wife Deb and I attended the Boulder County Senior Law Day in Longmont and we were pleased to meet so many of our readers who stopped by to say hello. You make our job fun and enjoyable. Thank You for your kind words and encouragement!!

We hope you enjoy this month’s edition. We have a lot of good information provided by our advertisers and people who have a genuine love for seniors. We can’t thank them enough for their contributions to our paper. Without them we would have no paper…

We attended a monthly networking meeting at St Joseph’s Hospital and Sister Georgeann Quinlan provided the following prayer pledge in reaction to the recent natural disasters. We thought we would share it with our readers.
I ____________ promise to share the joy, see the world through joyful eyes to find the beauty in everything and appreciate everyone and let happiness be my guide. To hug strangers along the way, hold dearly onto their stories and have the courage to let go of my own. To find another, to feel, and to let joy surround me. This is my pledge, join me. Thank you Sister Georgeann for sharing this pledge which is inspirational and when spoken, can really make a difference!

Thank you again to our readers, advertisers and contributors, we really appreciate your support of our paper…

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