Ramblings of a Rambler – Oct. 2014

Ramblings of a RamblerHi Prime Timers. I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having. There is something in the fall air that puts a spring in my step. This month I’ll be traveling back East for my brother in-laws wedding and our 40th High School Reunion. Both should be a blast!! Our Reunion due to Social media, especially FaceBook have brought a lot of our former classmates together and I’ve been looking forward to getting together with our family for months. I can’t wait!!. . .

Last month Robin Avery wrote a very good article on Guns being a Health Care issue. I am probably Robins biggest fan. When he writes about a subject he has the gift to get his point across to the reader while providing the reader with a bevy of information.
I knew that I would get some great responses. One in particular from Barry Tagart. Barry called me and asked if he could write a rebuttal article. Of course,I told Barry. I have old school newspaper beliefs that a newspaper should cause debate in a community. That’s the way our country was built. Open honest debate and discussion. Barry sent me his article. Its great and appears here:  http://www.myprimetimenews.com/gun-violence-steals-the-gift-of-life-rebuttal/.

On the other hand, I received an email from a very unhappy person who called me every name in the book. He assumed I am a liberal and fatherless, to put it nicely. I responded by telling him that we will be running a rebuttal from one of our readers and he just got nastier.
Why? Why are folks getting so nasty when it comes to our country’s politics? I mean we are all Americans. We are neighbors and we are a community. Why try to pull us apart? We all bleed the same blood in battle.  I don’t get it. I was raised in a very political family. My brother was one of the best political  writers back home in PA. Never would a different view be taken personal or a hard feeling cast afterward. We grow as a country by listening, debating and coming together as one.

If you have a hard heart for liberals or conservative views ask yourself why. Why can’t we just be kind to one another. Like Barry writes it all comes down to respect. . .

As always let us know your thoughts about the paper. We care about your opinion. You are the reason we are Denver’s #1 Senior Newspaper. Call me at 303-945-4506 or email me at bill@myprimetimenews.com. .

Enjoy your day!

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