Ramblings of a Rambler – Oct. 2013

Yo! Prime Timers, isn’t it good to be alive? If anyone answered no, give me a call and lets talk about it. October in Colorado is a beautiful time of the year. Not as colorful as back east, but wonderful all the same.

Great news to hear that the Businesses in Estes are up and running. What a great tribute to their community, “Mountain Strong” indeed. US Route 7 is open with no obstruction. I find it hard not to travel to Rocky Mountain National Park at least once every season, it just may be my favorite place on the planet. I heard a native American explain what Sacred Land meant to his people. It meant that the land was unsoiled and remained the way it was when their ancestors walked the land. Under that definition RMNP is indeed sacred land.

I was out of town when the 1000 year rains hit the area. We were back east saying good bye to my mother in-law and celebrated the christening of our grandson. It was mid week when a friend was telling me by phone that it took him an hour and a half to get home from work. The trip is usually 15 minutes. I watched the TV in shock.

This edition marks our one year anniversary of running the paper. I hope you are enjoying the paper and as always we welcome your input. We’ve listened to your suggestions and are trying to get them all implemented. A big change that we introduced last month was cutting our subscription price to $18 per year. Thank all of you who have sent in your subscriptions. The money helps to inform over 100,000 seniors each and every month.

I think we have a nice edition for our readers with plenty of information. We put a fact sheet on ObamaCare on pages 16 &17 (and here online). We strive to be politically neutral. We prefer to present you with as much information as we can and let the reader come to his or her own conclusions. In this months edition you will find plenty of agencies and businesses who will be providing free seminars to inform seniors of the changes. If you would like more information go to http://www.cohealthinfo.com.  I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of information our Colorado State government has available to the citizenry. I look forward to see how the exchange actually works. After I left my job over two years ago I’ve dealt with the horrors of not having insurance. Then I was unable to find an insurer willing to take me. I have a pre-existing condition. To protect my life savings, I needed to get insurance and ended up paying close to $1000 per month for single basic coverage.  No one is more eager than me for the new laws to take effect.

Enjoy this beautiful month!


Oh! As always, your comments and critique are always welcome. 303-945-4506 or bill@MyPrimeTimeNews.com

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