Ramblings of a Rambler – Nov. 2022

By Bill Watson, Publisher
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Hi Prime Timers! Did you know that November is National Care Giver month and National Alzheimer’s Awareness month? I recently received an email from Ralph Patrick from the Alzheimer’s Association. There was a brief little note [below] which struck a chord with me and I felt the need to share it with our readers.

HI Bill,
“Much of caregiving is unseen by anyone but the caregiver, who may also feel unseen. The experience of caregiving becomes a lens for seeing life.” Henri Nouwen

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

Have you ever seen the original movie “Avatar”? There’s a great exchange between the two main characters, Neytire and Jake, when Neytire says to Jake, “I see you.” Obviously, it means more than seeing. It means experiencing the other person fully. Unfortunately, caregivers often-times feel “unseen”. And perhaps partially as a result we fail to see ourselves for who we really are beyond all that we do. I ask you, dear friend, who is it in your life that “sees” you? And how do you see yourself? And what about the other person; how do you see them? And lastly, how might this experience of caregiving be a lens through which you see life in a new way?

Ralph Patrick, Greater Boulder and Mountains Regional Director, Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado

November 11th, Veteran’s Day is the day we celebrate, pay tribute and honor all those who have served in the U.S. armed forces. Cooper’s Troopers, a group of dedicated Veterans that meet once a month at the American Legion Post in Arvada are near and dear to our heart. We feel a great sense of gratitude and humility whenever we have the privilege of being in their company. Grady Birdsong, a Vietnam Veteran and a member of Cooper’s Troopers has a wonderful article in this month’s edition. THANK YOU to all our brave and selfless Veterans for your sacrifi ce and service!


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