Ramblings of a Rambler – Nov. 2019

Hi Prime Timers! Deb and I took a few days and traveled back East to visit family and friends. We flew into Boston to spend time with our youngest son John and his partner YQ. We’ve been traveling to Boston since he attended college there. We have our favorite places to visit and always look forward to the new experiences they have planned for us. We are also getting pretty good at riding the T train which is definitely the best way to navigate in this busy town.

While we were planning our trip we were informed there was going to be a memorial service for my uncle, my mom’s brother John Manganiello in Mechanicsburg, PA. The day we were to fly back to Denver we rented a car in Boston and drove to the memorial service. What a ride! It’s been a while since Deb and I drove through the northeast in the Fall. The foliage was brilliant. Crossing the Hudson River was a sight to behold. We live in a beautiful country.

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

Pennsylvania is always fun, our roots run deep there. We met with friends the night before the memorial service and rehashed a lot of old stories well into the night. I was actually laughing so hard and often that my sides were cramping the next day. Here’s to lifelong friends! The next day my uncle had a beautiful send off. I know he was looking down with pride. It was great to see all my relatives as it’s been a few years and a couple of decades for some. We really didn’t miss a beat reconnecting and it was great to reminisce about our shared memories. We did a lot of laughing, crying and hugging and in the process mended some fences. I was grateful for the opportunity. Rest in Peace Uncle Jackie….

The last leg of our trip was spent in our hometown with family and friends. It was the perfect send off! We are truly Blessed…

Ok, I’m not enjoying this football season as much as I thought I would. The Broncos seem to be setting up for the future while my Eagles are sitting on their past. Sheesh! 

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