Ramblings of a Rambler – Nov. 2013

Hello Prime Timers. Recently we lost two members of the Prime Time family. In Sep­tember we lost Orville D. Johnson. Orville, 85 of Denver was a distributor for the Prime Time for many years. He always had a smile and loved meeting people through the distribution of the paper. He will be missed by many…

Ken Wampach, the husband of Patti, previous owner of the Prime Time passed away on Monday October 14. Ken and Patti made the perfect team. Our toughts and prayers go out to Patti at this difficult time. Ken was a computer engineer who was a great help to us in the early transition. He was scary smart when it came to technology. He was the man behind the curtain for the past ten years. Thank you Ken. He will be missed…

Veterans Day is November 11th. If you are able, take advantage of the Celebration in Denver (page 6). It will be a great day to honor our nations veterans.

Wow! Time is flying!!. We are already into Fall and the Holiday Season is right around the corner. If you are on a fixed income and could use a hand with your heating bills this Fall and Winter, check out the LEAP ad on page 6.

Good News for the folks of Estes. Route 36 opened on Monday Nov 4. It feels good to be connected with such a great community again… Mountain Strong Indeed!!!

Although I’m a Philadelphia Eagle fan, I am enjoying the Broncos this football season. It will be nerve wracking watching as the season winds down. They are very serious contenders to get to the SuperBowl.

Thank you to all our readers who have opted to have the paper delivered to their door by the US mail each and every month. The $18 per year subscription seems to be the right price for many of our seniors. Note, we do not make any money on a mail subscription. Our charge is based on the cost of mailing.

If you havnen’t checked out our web site yet please do so.
As always we welcome your feedback and comments. If you are having a Holiday event call us and we’ll send our photograher. We’d love to see your face in the Prime Time.
Call Bill at 303-945-4506 or email Bill@MyPrimeTimeNews.com

Have a great Month…..Thank a Veteran!

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