Ramblings of a Rambler – May 2024

By Bill Watson, Publisher
Prime Time News ~

Hi Prime Timers! May is here and it happens to be my favorite month! We have two birthday celebrations, our Grandson Harrison’s which is the beginning of the month and mine that falls somewhere in the middle. In between the two is our anniversary and then Mother’s Day which kicks off the planting and tending to our garden. Fingers crossed the days of snow and hail storms are gone.

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

My son and his family have a hectic schedule so I’ve been helping out a bit by taking our granddog Harper for a walk when they get tied up. It’s truly the highlight of my day! I love how excited and happy she gets when she sees me and when I mention going for a walk, she can’t contain herself. It’s a battle trying to get her collar on while she’s doing her “zoomies” around the house. A few minutes into the walk, calmness sets in as she takes in the sights, sounds and smells of the neighborhood. Pure enjoyment!! There is nothing like the unconditional love a pet, especially a dog gives to the family…

As we celebrate Memorial Day on Monday May 27th, may we remember and honor the service men and women who make the ultimate and selfless sacrifices for the safety and feeedom of our great nation. We’re forever grateful and thankful for your service!!

There are plenty of sports to follow this month. We have the opportunity to watch the Avalanche and the Nuggets contend for the title. The Rockies you ask? We have the opportunity to watch the Avalanche and the Nuggets contend for the title.

Looks like The Broncos have a new QB in Bo Nix. I’ve watched him compete on the college level for very good teams. He’s a gamer. I’m looking forward to watching him play.

Holy Moly, do we have shows to attend this month!! We can’t wait to get back out and hope to see you there…

Many thanks and much appreciation to our advertisers, contributors, readers and distributors for all your support! We couldn’t do it without you!

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