Ramblings of a Rambler – Mar. 2022

By Bill Watson, Publisher
Prime Time News ~

Hi Prime Timers! If you’re like me, you’ve been watching the world turn upside down with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It’s an extremely tense and heartbreaking situation and hard to believe that in 2022 a civilized nation would invade another country let alone one that shares a common history. I’m praying for peace and am in awe of the unbelievable strength of the Ukrainian people.

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

Over the weekend, my granddaughter Teagan had an inspiring and feel-good story from her experience selling Girl Scout cookies. She and a fellow troopmate were selling cookies out front of a King Soopers one evening when a fella approached. What started as small talk as to what their goal was and how many more boxes they had to sell suddenly turned into a paying it forward moment. This kind gentleman said he would like to buy 100 boxes of cookies or whatever they had left to sell. He kept some of his favorites and asked them to hand the rest out to store associates and anyone else that came by. The girls were stunned and so appreciative of his amazing gesture. In the past few years, her troop has built an archery range in a community park, built a little library and sewn fabric hearts for families in NICU’S across Denver to name a few things. Cannot wait to see how they pay this forward to their community! What a great moment for these girls! I’m feeling good about the future!

I’m a huge football fan and this year I thought it might be interesting to bet on a few games. Not much, just a small wager here and there. During the season, I found out that I was a walking, talking jinx. Friends and family would actually solicit my pick or ask that I not bet on their favorite team. I was down about half of what I started with when the Super Bowl was about to be played. I took the Rams giving 4.5. Loser!

After the game, I was talking to my son Rex in Maryland when my eight-year-old grandson Harrison got on the phone to give me advice. “Pappy never bet with your wallet, bet with your change”. After laughing about what I just heard, I told him I usually do but it was the last game and thought it was a good bet. I told him I had a little money left in the account and was going to put it on the Eagles at 40-1 to win next year’s Super Bowl. He said “Pappy, do you really think the Eagles will win the Super Bowl?”. I laughed again and said, I guess not. So, I decided to put the remaining money in the account on the Philadelphia 76ers to beat The Boston Celtics by 2.5 points. They lost by nearly 50 points!! I immediately deleted the gambling app from my phone…

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