Ramblings of a Rambler – Mar. 2018

~ By Bill Watson, Publisher ~

Hi Prime Timers! I hope you’ve been enjoying our wonderful Colorado weather and are able to take advantage of some of the things the Greater Denver Area has to offer. We’re lucky to live in such a special place!

I’ve been looking through rosy lenses for the past few weeks. It happened right after the Super Bowl. Being a Philly Pheather Head, I still can’t believe they finally won a Super Bowl. The game was one for the ages. A true Cinderella story for the Philly quarterback Nick Foles.  I’m waiting for the movie…

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

My wife Deb and I look forward to seeing Prime Timers at the Senior Connection Show at the Todd Creek Retirement and Golf Club in Thornton. We will also be at the Senior Day at the Capitol and the Rose of Sharon Resource Fair at Peregrine. All events take place in March and the dates are advertised in this month’s edition.  If you are able to attend these informative events please stop by and say Hello!

Also, take time to review the opportunities at your local Recreation Centers in the back of this month’s edition. Each Recreation Center offers a large assortment of activities. I’m sure you will find one or two to your liking…

Thank you to all our advertisers and contributors, you make it possible to provide our Seniors with important information. Your advertising makes this paper possible. We are truly grateful for your support!

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